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Gröning, alias Lenz, aspirates, whispers, gasps, whines, speaks, whispers, sings, cries is silent with in an intensity that gets under the skin. His body language and facial expressions are disturbingly realistic. He drives the character towards destruction, finds a breathtaking path to the absolute
Monika Beer, Opernwelt

Hans Gröning is brilliant in the title role of Lenz
Thorsten Preuß, BR-Klassik

Gröning as Lenz embodies and lets us experience a multifaceted character; he is a masterful singer and actor
Egbert Tholl, Süddeutsche Zeitung

In the title part of Wozzeck, Hans Gröning was an emotionally gripping actor; he sang with a powerful and equally expressive baritone
Mühlacker Tagblatt

Hans Gröning as Wolfram: beautiful, with eminent qualities of a Lied singer
Bernd Stapka, Göttinger Tageblatt

Hans Gröning as Ollendorf delivers a showpiece of the finest. His magnificent baritone raised the roof of the venerable Prinzregententheater of Munich
Silvia E. Loske, Musical Reviews

Gröning attracts thunderous applause with his truly breathtaking and superbly mastered cavatine of Rossini´s Figaro
Birgit Hendrich, Leipziger Volkszeitung

Outstanding: Hans Gröning as Director Hummel.
Florian Zeuner,

… strong-voiced Hans Gröning as ruthless speculator and assassin
Karlheinz Roschitz, Kronen Zeitung Wien

The evening belonged to the expressive baritone Hans Gröning as Lindorff, Coppelius, Doctor Miracle and Dappertutto; his acting and vocal portrayals are truly mephistophelian
Dieter Schnabel, Stuttgarter Zeitung

… first and foremost the vocally outstanding and impressive acting of Hans Gröning as Kaspar (Werner Egk, “The Magic Violin”)
Karin Coper, Orpheus

Hans Gröning is van Gogh. He brings a full and flexible baritone (with absolute text comprehensibility!) to Frid’s expressive intentions. His physical intensity and perfect acting are present every second of the evening
Wolfgang Wicht, Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung

Hans Gröning, who possesses a magnificently melodious, sonorous and Italianate baritone, sang with great elegance and distinction
Ludwig Steinbach, Der Opernfreund

Hans Gröning was utterly convincing as Morruccio, bringing a wonderful timbre and intelligent acting to the part
Tobias Kade, Das Opernglas

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